We export European products to East Africa

From automobile to furniture, from kitchen appliances to clothing there is a lot Europe has to offer. Geographically close and with world class products we can take your business to the next level or focus on your custom order. 

Sustainable business practices. We offer carbon neutral shipping.

Ordering from us is as simple as ordering a book from Amazon.

Freight via Mombasa or Airfreight via Kigali we can deliver to you rapidly.

Experts in logistics. We take care of customs so you don't have to.

Real Solutions
For the modern age

Forget about paying 5 times the price for electronics or stylish furniture. We deliver to you with minimal premiums over the cost of these items in Europe and China. 


Our Team

Our international pro team is based out of Mombasa Kenya, Lausanne Switzerland, Shenzhen China and Kigali Rwanda to offer you rapid low cost delivery of whatever your heart desires. 

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